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Hygea 2 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Hygea 2 Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner from Metafix (UK) Ltd

The Most Advanced CFPP 01-01 Part D / HTM01-05 Compliant Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner. Designed specifically for use in the dental instrument decontamination process, the Hygea 2 is also commonly used in the podiatry and general practice sectors.

Unlike standard ultrasonic baths, the Hygea 2 incorporates technology which ensures a robust, repeatable and traceable process. Cycle traceability and validation is provided by hard copy via the integral printer and electronically through a combination of the in-built memory card port and Ultrawave’s Datalogger software. The electromagnetic locking lid means that instruments cannot be removed from the bath without aborting the cycle. The Hygea 2 is also controlled by a number of fault modes which ensure consistent, efficient and effective cleaning results are delivered, cycle after cycle.

The Hygea 2’s unique three-tier basket system allows up to 45 instruments to be cleaned in one rapid cycle. Independent testing has shown that even the most heavily contaminated instruments are clean and free of protein after a 10-minute cycle.

Hygea 2 mico SD card reader
Hygea 2 Tray System
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