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Hygea 2850VM Ultrasonic Cleaner

Hygea 2850VM
Hygea 2850VM Basket
Hygea 2850VM

Developed as a larger alternative to the Hygea 2, the Hygea 2850VM meets the design considerations of HTM01-05 and HTM2030 for decontamination of dental instruments. The Hygea 2850VM has a 30 litre tank cleaning up to 90 instruments in a single cycle, allowing a greater throughput of instruments in busy practices and surgeries.

The Hygea 2850VM incorporates dual cycle traceability through an integral printer and memory card port, housed within the digital control panel. Combined with an electromagnet locking lid and Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning technology, the Hygea 2850VM can clean even the most heavily contaminated dental instruments in a 6 to 10 minute cycle.

The Hygea 2850VM is approved on the NHS Supply Chain framework.

Hygea 2850VM
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