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Metafix RO Water System

On-Demand Medical Grade Water

Professional on-demand deionised water produced automatically at low cost and meeting HTM01-05 requirements for water quality. Ideal for DUWL, ultrasonic cleaners and other surgical requirements. Compact under sink installation optimises space in your decon room. 

Metafix RO Water Unit Under Sink Cabinet
Swan Neck Tap with Ceramic Valve
TDS Meter
Metafix RO Water System

Features and Benefits


  •  Meets HTM01-05 requirements: 0-3ppm TDS with DI water quality

  •  12 Litre storage/holding capacity (larger tanks available)

  •  190 Litre daily production capacity (8 Litres/hour)

  •   Integral booster pump for greater efficiency

  •   Professionally validated system

  •   Hand held TDS meter for quality assurance and monitoring

  •   Auto flushing membrane - prevents bacterial growth

  •   Compact system expertly installed and tested by Metafix

  •   Very economical in use vs DI bottled water or water distiller

  •   Complete with swan neck tap

  •   Ideal for DUWL, ultrasonic cleaners and other surgical requirements

  •   Economic annual service and filter changes

  •   3 year warranty

  •   Nationwide Metafix engineer support and service

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