Biological Spore Testing

The only absolute proof that your steriliser is indeed sterilising a load is by biological spore testing, be it a steam steriliser or an HVHA steriliser.

Metafix provide an economical 48 hour biological spore testing service for HVHA sterilisers, designed to be used as a weekly check to ensure that your steriliser is working properly.

We supply you with a quantity of Bacillus atrophaeus bacterial spores encased in glassine pouches along with pre-paid mail back envelopes.

Once a week you sterilise one "test" spore pouch with a normal load and mail it to Metafix along with an unsterilised "control" spore pouch.

The Metafix lab incubates the "test" and "control" spores for 48 hours and emails a test report certificate. Should there be a failure in the spore test we will telephone the designated contact immediately. 


Economical third party certification providing regular absolute proof that your steriliser is performing correctly. 

Steriliser Monitoring Service