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Modernise your sterile processing with the fastest total cycle time available. CPAC High Velocity Hot Air sterilisers kill microoganisms rapidly with no instrument corrosion and without the high energy and maintenance costs of steam sterilisation. 

Hygea Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrawave's Hygea range of ultrasonic cleaners have been designed and developed to clean surgical instruments in the healthcare sector. Combining features such as the interlocking lid and integral data validation, the Hygea range of ultrasonic cleaners deliver repeatable and traceable cleaning results time after time.

RO/DI Water Systems

Professional on-demand deionised water produced automatically at low cost and meeting HTM01-05 requirements for water quality. Ideal for DUWL, ultrasonic cleaners and other surgical requirements. Compact under sink installation optimises space in your decon room. 

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