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How it works

MECHANISM: Dehydration by conduction causes the cessation of cellular metabolism as water removal from the cell increases the concentration of salts and minerals, upsetting metabolic function and resulting microbial death.

Steam sterilisers require steam contact with all surfaces to effectively sterilise. This is why type B vacuum steam sterilisers are needed for hollow instruments and why Steam Penetration Tests (Bowie Dick/Helix) are required.


HVHA transfers hot air by conduction, penetrating all solid and hollow surfaces. HVHA sterilises instruments rapidly without the need to use water, steam and vacuum, using 85% less energy than type B steam sterilisers.

HVHA Tech 

The High Velocity Hot Air Steriliser Advantage

Advantages of HVHA sterilisers
  • Complete sterilisation cycles in 6, 8 and 12 minutes

  • No drying cycle

  • Uses 85% less energy than type B steam sterilisers

  • No water, steam or vacuum required

  • Does not corrode, pit or dull instruments

  • Promotes longer instrument life

  • Faster instrument turnaround time

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