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Hygea d3ntal Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Hygea d3ntal front from Metafix HVHA sterilisers.jpg

Hygea d3ntal offers outstanding performance for use in dental applications. Compliant with HTM01-05 and ISO standards. 

The Hygea d3ntal incorporates Ultrawave’s Frequency Leap Technology; homogenous cavitation activity is generated throughout the ultrasonic bath reducing dead spots and standing waves. This provides a more consistent scrubbing action for excellent results.

The unique three-tier basket system allows up to 60 instruments to be cleaned in one rapid cycle. Independent testing has shown that even the most heavily contaminated instruments are clean and free of proteins after a 6-minute cycle.

The Hygea d3ntal has a 10 Litre heated, digitally controlled ultrasonic bath.

The menu-driven control panel allows simple adjustment of cycle time, temperature, ultrasonic power and frequency adjustment for precise and accurate processing.

Combining features such as degas mode, fluid level sensor and WiFi Direct connectivity, the Hygea d3ntal offers repeatable and traceable cleaning performance with consistent cleaning results every time.

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